Our Staff

Meet Our Director/Manager - Kath Yates

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Qualification: Diploma of Children’s Services

I believe that each child has the right to learn at his/her own pace in an environment that is child-centred to what each child’s individual needs and interests are. Each child should be provided with opportunities to be exposed to activities and experiences which will allow them to develop, learn and grow to their fullest potential. I believe being immersed in the community around them, through experiences in and outside the service will help equip them for their life ahead. I have a strong belief in respecting and celebrating each child and their families for their own individuality, uniqueness, culture and background no matter what it is. Here at Little Steps Early Learning we will come together as one family uniting one another to grow and be up lifted into (little) human beings where they love, respect, support and guide each other. I have a strong belief in supporting and guiding the educators/staff to provide a fun, safe, healthy environment for the children, families and wider community. I look forward to getting out and immersing ourselves in the community of East Lindfield and beyond. I am excited about meeting and getting to know all the families within our Little Steps Early Learning Family. 


Meet Our 2iC/Educational Leader/Emu Room Leader – Ally Silaha

Qualification: Diploma of Children’s services and working towards final year of his ECT

I believe that every child has their own unique personality and learning style which has to be respected in order to fulfil the needs of each individual child. I ensure this by incorporating cultural diversity into program and planning process. I believe it is important to embrace diversity and respect one another. To ensure that, our program enhances children’s learning and curiosity, by accounting for their interests, ideas skills and abilities. I believe on promoting an engaging, prepared environment with meaningful curriculum which stimulates children’s senses and learning so as to incorporate community resources and organisations into program in order to assist children’s knowledge of their community and becoming actively responsible citizens.


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Meet Our 2iC/Koala Room Leader – Sienna Chen

Qualification: Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary)

I believe deep learning can only occur when children actively construct their own understanding. Children have their agency and they are capable to lead their learning. I will provide opportunities for children to make their own learning decisions, rather than making decisions for them. I view children as participants, decision makers and relationship builders during their learning. I believe learning occurs within a social context (Vygotsky, 1943). The social context and social nature of learning is important for children’s development. In practice, I will link children’s cultural background and values within the early childhood environment. I respect all children and believe they are active in building their own sense of identity (Grieshaber, 2010). Children have rights to develop a positive understanding of different thinking. I hope children’s understanding of diversity not only focuses on different languages, hair colour or background but also develop a capacity to critically link and challenge norm biases (Sumsion, Barnes, Cheeseman, Harrison, Kennedy & Stonehouse, 2009). I understand the power of my modelling and recognising that children are learning from me through every word and action about love, relationships, empathy, generosity, gratitude, patience, tolerance, kindness, honesty and respect. 

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Meet Our Echidna Room Leader – Krystal Klemenic

Qualification: Diploma of Children’s Services

I believe that in order for children to learn, grow and develop, they first must have a sense of identity and belonging. This is where we as educators can contribute to a child’s self-awareness and identity. We contribute to this by forming a strong relationship with the children as well as with their families to get to know each and every child individually rather than as a class. When children have developed a sense of identity, they are able to become strong, confident and independent children.

Meet Our Emu Room Assistant – Amy Goddard

Qualification: Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and working towards Diploma of Children’s Services

 I believe that as an educator we should promote healthy growth and development of the child as a whole; I believe all children are different and unique. Children need to believe in themselves, have healthy self-esteem and confidence as this is the platform of a child to become successful. 

Meet Our Koala Room Assistant – Surakshya Regmi

Qualification: Working towards Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education

I believe in creating supportive environments for ongoing culture, embracing the mind, connectedness and inclusion, and spirit of every child to develop the positive sense of self, community and wonder. Being an educator of early childcare; my attempt is to, care and educate young children as well as build environmentally aware and respectful candidates of society. My core values are ‘respect’, ‘responsibility’, ‘flexibility’ and ‘loyalty’ towards the profession. 

Meet Our Centre Cook – Teresa 

Qualification: Working towards Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education

I strongly believe that nutritious food has a positive effect on our children’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. I believe that by feeding our children nutrient rich meals, we are feeding their brain and building strong little bodies. Research has shown that this has a calming effect on behaviour just by providing wholesome natural food – a plus for everyone! Children gathering to eat and drink is also a terrific opportunity for social and language development. My love and passion for food and the love of educating children about healthy eating and cooking makes my job the best in the world!